2015 Family Engagement Survey

It is time for parents to complete the 2015 Family Engagement Survey. Please go to the following link and complete the survey. Your input will be a great help and much appreciated by us. Please click the following link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FZ686DS

Englewood Elementary School

The mission of Englewood Elementary is to ensure that students have the foundation necessary to achieve personal success and fulfillment by providing a nurturing, engaging learning environment.
Vision: Englewood Elementary will continue to provide a quality education that is academically rigorous and developmentally appropriate to enable our students to become productive citizens. The school will continue to be a safe environment that is interactive, collaborative, and promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
108 College Street P.O. Box 47 Englewood, TN 37329 (423) 887-5260